Cleaning your inflatable boat in Friesland

Cleaning and washing your boat is vital if you want to keep it in optimal condition. It is generally an easy chore that you can perform yourself, but it’s also good to know where you can go for professional service.

We often notice people using a kitchen cleaning product as an all-purpose cleaner. You’ll certainly be able to get your boat nice and clean, but over time your boat’s lovely colours will fade. For PVC boats, this even affects the plasticiser, causing the boat to start sticking, thus making the fabric stiffer and harder.

Examples of cleaning

Use the right shampoo

This means it is critical to invest in a good shampoo for your boat. A suitable cleaning product is available for every material and every type of dirt. It ends up saving you lots of time because the right product removes dirt more easily. Moreover, it considerably extends the life of your boat and keeps it looking sharp.


Just as with almost any cleaning product, it’s a good idea to let this product soak into your boat well before setting to work with the scrubber. First apply the cleaning product. After it has had a few minutes to soak into the dirt, you can use a scrubber to remove the dirt from the surface. After washing, it is recommended to rinse the boat off thoroughly to remove any soap residues.

Once the washing/cleaning is complete, it’s a good idea to wax the boat. Wax gives the boat a shine, seals surface pores and leaves behind a protective dirt-repellent coating.

Performing the above procedure regularly will help keep algae and other contaminants off your boat and ensure that you can enjoy it for a long time to come.


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Keep your boat in optimal condition. Cleaning without colour fading.

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