Inflatable boat repair

Have your inflatable boat repaired in Friesland

Heech Nautical Centre is your partner for new boats, used boats, maintenance and repairs. Our water sports company is a specialist in inflatable boat repair: we keep materials and parts in stock; we have a professional workshop; and we perform repairs with the skills and knowledge that our expert staff have acquired over years of experience.

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Specialist in inflatable boat repairs

In short, we have everything for professional boat repairs under one roof. This ensures successful inflatable boat repairs time after time. It is vital that inflatable boat repairs be performed properly. That is why we take the utmost care in repairing your boat: we have a keen eye for precision throughout the entire process so we can guarantee a high-quality end product. Repairs are practically never visible afterwards.

Are you the owner of a Zodiac in need of repairs? If so, you’ve come to the right place with us. We are a recognised Zodiac service station. This means we perform warranty work for Zodiac and have received Zodiac International training to do so. This also means that our employees are certified and that we provide professional repairs.

“We brought our 12-metre tube in to the nautical centre for repairs. They are the place to go. The service was excellent and the quality of the work was top notch. This is the best place to go for advice from people in the know who will also help you brainstorm suitable solutions.”

Jason CVV IJmuiden

Inflatable boat repairs for all brands

If something fails on your boat, successful repairs often take knowledge and special skills. This is why we are happy to repair your boat for you. We provide repairs on all inflatable boat brands (including RIBs by BRIG, Zodiac, Grand and Diesel Rubbing) and types (such as PVC and Hypalon/Neoprene). We can also handle repairs on your polyester boat. Our water sports company repairs boats for both individuals and businesses. This means we also appraise damage and conduct repairs for insurance companies. Whether your boat is in need of routine repairs or is completely damaged: our repair company will repair your RIB or inflatable boat at an attractive price.

What kinds of problems can our inflatable boat repair service handle? For instance, applying a new patch in the ‘tube’, repairing small holes, or replacing a leaky valve or missing towing eye. We perform all boat repairs professionally, using the latest technologies and parts and materials from reputable manufacturers. One added benefit of our inflatable boat repair service is its location: once your inflatable boat is repaired, you can get right back to enjoying it by exploring the waters of Friesland.

We have everything for professional boat repairs! Including a 3 year warranty

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